Mihail Radu Solcan
Freedom, Minds, and Institutions

The book is built around the idea that total central planning is logically impossible. Instead of starting from individuals and their rights, it uses indirect methodological individualism and takes the impossibility of total planning as the basis from which it reaches until the fundamental plans, the individual plans.

Individual plans, as plans for action, do not isolate human beings. Connections develop as a natural consequence of human actions. Individuals exchange goods or develop common plans for complex actions. Each connection has a weight that helps individuals to compare it with alternative connections.

Working from the bare, abstract concept of a plan and its possibility conditions, the book makes room, in the end, for a richer structure, the network of individuals. It emphasizes the fact that any central intervention in such a web of interactions is bound to be arbitrary.

While the central total or piecemeal planning is lost in the maze of complexity, liberty is a sophisticated, rational way to cope with complexity.

Mihail Radu Solcan
University of Bucharest
Department of Philosophy

The book has been published by Editura Universitatii din Bucuresti

This document was translated from LATEX by HEVEA and HACHA.